Careers & Lifelong Learning


    Before Year 9 there will be some sign posting to possible ways of progressing after school and information about jobs. Our alumni and Sixth Formers are also involved in delivering content at this stage.

    In Year 9 we start to really look ahead with pupils, via PD  lessons, to the choices which have to be made regarding their GCSE courses.

    In the summer term of Year 10 pupils utilise one-to-one interviews to help formulate a plan for progression. Year 11 features follow-up interviews and a series of assemblies and events focussing on progression paths. We listen to preferences, discuss with and advise pupils and International joiners about suitable post-16 courses after results day.

    In the Lower Sixth we are available to advise and are fully aware that some students develop their aspirations at differing paces so we refine the process of the more advanced and nudge those who may need help understanding that a decision will need to be made.

    In the spring term of the Lower Sixth PD sessions each week are career, progression and life-skill related. Visits to career fairs and university or work related events are also prevalent in the Lower Sixth. The mechanics of UCAS applications is dealt with by the Sixth Form tutor team but we advise where necessary.

    The department has an ongoing twitter feed and a section on the school hub.

    Lifelong learning

    Recognising that the world of work is demanding wider evidence of skills beyond academic grades we focus across the school on a curriculum and activities that will inform and develop these skills. The lifelong learner is one who can adapt to change which is necessary in work and beyond.

    We work with our pupils from the beginnning in Fiveways right through to the Upper Sixth

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