IB Career-related Programme

    If you are a student who has a strong interest in developing skills for employment and career-development, and who would like to undertake a limited number of IB Diploma subjects, then the IBCP will offer you a package in which academic content is combined with practical, hands-on courses that will equip you with knowledge and skills that are highly valued in the 21st century world of employment.

    The IBCP will also prepare students for university as it offers UCAS tariff points and the academic skills and knowledge to progress through to a higher academic level. The all round and specific skills that are required for graduate internships are in-built in the IBCP and this help students deal with the assessment activities for internships either after completing the IBCP or during a degree.

    There are three elements to the IBCP


    The IBCP core promotes the attributes of an IB education. These are based on reflection, open mindedness communication and critical thinking.  There are four components:

    • Personal and Professional Skills
    • Reflective Project (gains UCAS tariff points)
    • Service Learning
    • Language Experience (non-examined)


    We expect students to choose one of the four packages available, plus a maximum of three IB subjects from the academic subject blocks.

    Vocational packages for September 2018:
    Art: Alongside the Art BTEC, it is recommended that students take Visual Arts or Design Technology
    Business: Alongside the Business BTEC, it is recommended that students take Economics or Maths Studies
    Engineering: Alongside the Engineering BTEC students must choose Design Technology
    Sport: Alongside the Sport BTEC, it is recommended that students take Biology or Psychology


    Students will begin with three Diploma Programme courses.  The choices can come from any of the Groups indicated below.  It is advisable that students should start each IB subject at Higher Level (HL).

    Academic subjects for September 2018:
    Group 2
    Group 3
    Group 4
    French B SL
    German B SL
    Spanish B SL
    Economics HL/SL
    Geography HL/SL
    History HL/SL
    Psychology HL/SL
    Visual Arts HL/SL
    Chemistry HL/SL
    Music HL/SL
    Physics HL/SL
    Psychology HL/SL
    Theatre HL/SL
    Group 5 Group 6  
    Mathematics HL/SL
    Maths Studies SL
    Biology HL/SL
    Chemistry HL/SL
    Design Technology HL/SL
    Geography HL/SL
    Maths Studies SL

    All choices within the IBCP must be discussed with the IBCP Coordinator, Mr Baxter, to establish suitability before the individual programmes can be confirmed.

    These will be recognised national career qualifications such as BTEC and the CISI qualifications. There will need to be a minimum of four students for a course to run.


    There will also be bolt on courses available to enhance the students’ experiences and qualifications. 

    Workplace Experience: Students will have opportunities for workplace experiences during the course.

    Please click on the following link if you would like to submit IB Career-Related Programme option choices for September 2018 


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