The physical and emotional well-being of the whole School is the primary focus of our highly qualified and experienced Matron Mrs Sarah Baker. Matron is on duty Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm in order to provide immediate care, first aid and supervise medicines where necessary. Counselling services are also provided by The Youth Trust and pupils can also turn to the School Chaplaincy for advice, as well as our three listeners and older pupils who are trained in coaching techniques.


    The School has many qualified first-aiders on the staff who are available on site and to accompany off-site trips and sports fixtures where required.


    Bembridge Boarding Campus and Spinnaker House

    Full boarders are registered with the local doctor’s surgery.  If an appointment is necessary boarding staff will arrange a visit to the local surgery. Dental, orthodontic and optical care is provided by local practiconers should this be required.

    Should specialist care be required, the referral will be made by the Doctor, and a member of the house staff would accompany your son or daughter to their hospital appointment.  Parents would of course be kept informed.

    Boarding staff are First Aid trained and are able to administer both over the counter and prescribed medication.  Out of hours care is provided in the first instance by the residential boarding staff, who will assess and arrange emergency treatment as needed.

    We recommend that check-ups for dental and optical care are carried out during the school holidays, however emergency treatment can be arranged if required.

    If your child has private medical insurance please send this information to the Head of Boarding.

    Any emergencies are taken to A&E at St Mary’s Hospital, Newport, on the Island.

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