Ryde is a Church of England School. Christian values inspired and guided our founders and we were recognised as a designated church school in June 2006. The Bishop of Portsmouth is our visitor and we have a special relationship with All Saints' Church where we hold major services and where the Senior School meets fortnightly for a service of reflection. The All Saints' team also provide our chaplaincy. The inculculation of Christian values is important to us, but we recognise the values of other faiths, offer opportunities for other faith leaders to speak in the School and teach world religions in RS classes. We expect all pupils to attend our assemblies and church services which reflect the broad and inclusive nature of Anglicanism. We hope that pupils who profess not to have a faith will grow spiritually in that they develop a sense of awe and wonder of the world in which they live.

    We encourage our pupils to try meditation and offer yoga and mindfulness as activities. Arrangements are made at weekends for boarders wishing to attend church services on the Island and those of most faiths and strands of Christianity can find an appropriate place of worship.

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